Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let it snow let it snow let it snow!!!!

It's winter outside, cold & drizzly, and windy... And the only thought that warms me up is thinking of Christmas! Dinner, turkey and wine and other goodies! Meeting up with friends, exchanging gifts, christmas trees all around! SALES in stores, shopping, music and no work! Love Christmas!

And also here is a thought-why do people love when it's snowing?! Snow is wet, it melts on your head leaving it wet & cold, it melts on the ground making it dirty and slushy, it doesn't feel nice!!! And yet our heart smiles when we see that first snow falling down, motionless, quite or stormy. It's the moment of unexpected invasion into everyday reality that we are in love with! Like a sudden splash of water on a smooth surface of a lake! Boom here it is!!!! And the cold outside, the wind blowing in your face mixed with wet snowflakes are enjoyable and loved by many of us!
Have you heard of flashmob? That what i can compare snowing with. Sensation of magic, that came from nowhere, and left your heart full of smiles. Litterally, have u noticed that people and pedestrians appear to be smiling when it snows, for no reason, simply because it snows! :)