What are russian femails like

 It’s quite difficult to describe a typical Russian girl. One can use a lot of generalizations. For example they are pretty. Or that they are slim and tall, with blond hair and almond eyes. They like to dress up and it seems that they are wearing designer’s clothes every day. That may seem silly to describe Russian women so general but most of these statements are true.

Well, let’s begin with her expectations. A Russian lady is aimed at family and having children much more than a girl from the U.S. A Russian woman needs that feeling of safety first of all because she takes home maker role. She keeps the house and brings up children. Sure she can work if it’s needed but her attention will always be on her family. Despite being very romantic, women are also very practical.


(russkaja devushka)
Most Russian girls have a University degree. They study and at the same time they will go into relations without hesitation if they fall in love. She will spend a whole day with you just walking around the city even in case they have important things to do the next day. She will go oversees just to be together with her man. She will expect a lot of you, but you will get even more in return.

  Russians like everything extraordinary. But too often they don’t express this feeling enough, so when it comes out, it’s like a volcano.

Russian women may look good, but they also know they do. And they have been taught to flaunt it. Russian women are encouraged to dress very nice, in designer clothing, and look very dolled up with make-up and jewelry when they go out. They love to show themselves off and tend to be very outgoing.

Russian women enjoy being queens of their home. They clean up, they cook meals, they take care of children, and they do anything they can to make you happy. They make wonderful homemakers, and love a traditional family life.
Russian girls are also very strong and independent. They do not view being feminine and domestic as a negative thing. There is a saying in Russia that a woman finds strength in her weakness. She knows that she is intelligent and capable, but wants to have weakness so her man can feel strong. She will take care of him, but he will take care of her in different ways.

Russian women are also known for how emotional they are. They believe expressing emotions make them live longer, and can be very temperamental. But they are also quick to leave things in the past, and enjoy the present moment. Being very emotional also means wanting to share everything when in a relationship. She will tell you all about her day and ask you about yours.

And also russian girls are crazy when they party, they are loud and vulgar, and enjoy themselves, they dance, they scream, & love to pose for cameras.

As to me, yeah, i was born in Russia, but moved with my parents to Latvia - the north-west of the country during Sovjet Union times, i was two back then, currently i am living in Ireland for over 6 years. I can't say i am russian, i always tried to hide my temperament or ambitions, didn't want to be different, and preferred to blend in with locals. So i talked latvian language to my friends in Latvia, although many knew russian, and now i hate talking russian beeing out and about, but english instead... That is peculiar i know, i just don't like to draw much attention, gazes and rather stay unnoticed. But deep inside i always knew, you can not change the blood in your veins.